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Romantic black and white wedding photography

Wedding photography by the river near the Trafalgar tavern in Greenwich.  The most romantic way to arrive is by riverboat which are available to Greenwich from Westminster, Embankment, London Bridge, Bankside and Tower Piers. The Trafalgar Tavern was built in

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Devonport House, Greenwich

Devonport House which is situated between the Maritime Museum and Greenwich Park turns out to be an interesting spot to take wedding photos. There are lots of corridors that a kid ( or a wedding photographer like me) might like

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Modern Times

Charlie’s antics cross the span of time. Recently, there were sightings of him at play in Gaol Park,  Horsemongers Lane,  in the backstreets of Southwark, which was once the scene of public execution. Reports dismissed as gallows humour by our

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London wedding photographer takes on reluctant groom

Memo to London brides: Charlie awaits  your instructions regarding wilful grooms.  Please despatch posthaste and upon return your groom will  be shot( photography wise) shaved and obediently yours.

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Hi and welcome to my site. Here you can see my portfolios, read my blog, get in touch with me, see my packages, and see work I have produced for you. Firstly, here are some answers to questions you may

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