Wotton House Wedding Venue

When you turn off the main, Guildford Road into Wotton Drive you then have about a quarter of mile’s drive to anticipate what the hotel will be like as I did and I wasn’t even staying there. But I was taking a great interest in the various locations if only from the point of view of getting good wedding photographs. Eventually you arrive at a grand drive that leads to the hotel entrance.

The grounds offer a variety of settings to suit formal, informal or documentary styles of photography.

When I was there last the weather was fine but if it were inclement there were some good options for dry photography and maybe some ironic photographs as well!

The staff were helpful and suggested a room from which I could do an aerial group photo.

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Peckham resident wins Pet Portrait contest

Today when Tracy Dalton was presented with her winning prize she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a “watercolour” print depicting herself with her beloved dog Lucy.

I love Lucy

I love Lucy

“Watercolours” are another option for portraits provided by Charlie’s Pictures and give a rather distinct look to a picture. “Watercolour” prints are not achieved simply using a click of a button but are actually created individually.

There will be regular pet portrait contests throughout the year for anyone who wishes to take part.

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White wedding lights up Broadway

A winter-grey Fulham Broadway saw a splash of colour recently when Vicky and Bradley held their wedding ceremony -the event being photographed by Charlies Pictures. The officials at Fulham register office were more than helpful in seeing that everything went smoothly. Following suit, the weather which had given us almost non-stop rain all week hesitated and finally smiled down on the newly married couple.

The grade II listed Georgian building provides an interesting backdrop for contemporary wedding photography. And when a red London bus stops briefly, like the rain, to pay its respects and asks to be included in the picture it would surely be rude to say no.
With the bus on its way to its next destination so were we. Chasing a limo,chasing dreams, wedding photographer on flight path to Chiswick. A Chiswick recepion to be precise, to record meeting and greeting, toasting and cake cutting – food for thought for a long time to come.

Finally, it was goodbye to the bride and groom and out into the night gloom.

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Play it again Sam!

I haven’t mentioned anything about Sam and Stuart’s wedding yet so thought you might like to hear about it.

I loved The Burford Bridge Hotel as a wedding venue.-good choice, Sam and Stuart!

Sam and I had spoken several times but it wasn;’t ’til the wedding day that we actually met. so I was really looking forward to meeting her and Stuart. I had gathered from Sam that she just wanted everyone to have a really good time and from the photos you can see that a good time was definitely had by all!
We were really lucky withe the weather as we managed to get all the after wedding photos just in time before it began raining and we had to go indoors.

The room where the ceremony was held was very beautiful and the registrar was easy going and great to work with. There was a wonderful little gallery where you could look down upon the couple getting married which made a lovely shot.

The best man helped us out, gathering all the guests together for photographs.

Sam’s nephew proved very photogenic and seemed to smile at the right time too!



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Suggested Wedding Present

Toast Canon

You can find out more here

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Kerry and Louis’ wedding

Kerry and Louis wedding

We had a wonderful day with Kerry and Louis on Saturday. The day started in a unique way with a champagne breakfast at Kerry’s sister-in-law’s in a heated marquee. So we managed to capture the day early on when the children were still in their pyjamas and everyone was relaxed. Great atmosphere for informal shots. Kerry’s family were on one side of the marquee and Louis’ on the other.

Afterwards we drove into Maidstone and the ceremony was held at 2.30 at Archbishop’s Palalce. Kerry looked amazing and Louis’ heart must have been beating hard as she was stunning; her dress, hair, poise. The bridesmaids looked great in their silver dresses and Louis with hs two best men.
The registrar was vey helpful and we managed to get some good photographs there and then. The weather tried playing tricks on us and we were nearly rained off but fortunately luck was on the bride and groom and photographers’ side and we were able to hold the rain off just in time for photographs in the grounds and along by the river.
Then we headed off for Red Libbet’s Golf course for the reception. Louis took the best man’s speech well even though the photographs he had had blown up were pretty¬† embarassing.
Tracy, Kerry’s sister-in-law, helped organise the day and did a great job. She made sure that Kerry and Louis had a totally enjoyable day. She really took care of us too, making sure that we were fed and watered, which was much appreciated.
Kerry and Louis’ children were fantastic. They were great at posing for us which made our life easy and were so well behaved too.
I enjoyed the day so much I felt like a guest! What I liked best was that we really had the opportunity to take a real variety of informal and formal pictures and share in Kerry and Louis’ special day.

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