Hi and welcome to my site.

Here you can see my portfolios, read my blog, get in touch with me, see my packages, and see work I have produced for you. Firstly, here are some answers to questions you may have.

Q. What is your style of photography?

A. How I take pictures is dependent on 3 factors: The setting, the circumstances and the couple involved. What I do is to bring those 3 elements together to create photographs that I hope the couple will be pleased with. So, for example, I took a couple to Chislehurst High Street to get an urban contemporary feel to their wedding phtos, which would have been difficult at the church. The circumstances allowed me time to do that between the ceremony and reception. Being able to be cast in a high street setting as well as being greeted by passers by,  gave an emotion to the pictures that would have been difficult to achieve otherwise. It’s about making it an enjoyable experience, one in which it is easy for a couple to participate.