Play it again Sam!

I haven’t mentioned anything about Sam and Stuart’s wedding yet so thought you might like to hear about it.

I loved The Burford Bridge Hotel as a wedding venue.-good choice, Sam and Stuart!

Sam and I had spoken several times but it wasn;’t ’til the wedding day that we actually met. so I was really looking forward to meeting her and Stuart. I had gathered from Sam that she just wanted everyone to have a really good time and from the photos you can see that a good time was definitely had by all!
We were really lucky withe the weather as we managed to get all the after wedding photos just in time before it began raining and we had to go indoors.

The room where the ceremony was held was very beautiful and the registrar was easy going and great to work with. There was a wonderful little gallery where you could look down upon the couple getting married which made a lovely shot.

The best man helped us out, gathering all the guests together for photographs.

Sam’s nephew proved very photogenic and seemed to smile at the right time too!



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